What is the difference between Winter Skin and Invisible Tan?

Winter Skin is recommended for fair to medium skin tones.
It is a gradual moisturizer that after a few applications will give you a soft honey color. It is also a great tan extender.

Invisible Tan is recommended for medium to olive skin tones.
It is a once-off application creme that is invisible to wear, like your moisturizer. Pop it on, wear a white dress, and after 6 – 8 hours will give you a beautiful honey glow. The best part is no one knows you are wearing it.

Can your product be used on the face?

YES! All Eco Tan & Eco by Sonya products can be used on the Face & Body.

What methods can I use to ensure the best possible tan?

Check out our Tanning Tips here, which outlines all the steps you should take before, during, and after the tanning process. It also features plenty of handy tips on how to apply the products and how to prolong your tan.

Where can I buy Eco Tan & Eco by Sonya?

You can purchase from our website here, or check out your nearest stockist here.

Who is Eco Tan & Eco by Sonya certified by?

Eco Tan is certified organic by The Organic Food Chain under the Australian government’s organic and biodynamic standards. Australian certifiers have the highest and strictest standards in the world, allowing NO GMO or synthetics through when certifying a product.

Eco Tan is also certified toxic free by Safe Cosmetics Australia.

Is Eco Tan & Eco by Sonya vegan friendly?

Eco Tan’s tanning and Body Care range is 100% vegan.

Are Eco Tan & Eco by Sonya products tested on animals?

NO! All of Eco Tan & Eco by Sonya products are Choose Cruelty Free, so no animals were harmed or tested on during the making of the products.

Are Eco Tan products safe to use during pregnancy?

We do not believe that any products should claim to be safe for everyone as some people may still react to natural ingredients such as nuts and strawberries. We recommended a 24-hour patch test and a consult with your General Practitioner. Eco Tan & Eco by Sonya does have a huge following of pregnant and breastfeeding women as they contain nothing synthetic or artificial.

Do you offer samples?

Eco Tan & Eco by Sonya does not offer samples of the Eco Tan retail products. They strive to keep their production as environmentally friendly as possible and do not believe that samples align with this.

Why should I choose Eco Tan Solutions?

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